The Interdisciplinary Film and Visual Culture Research Network (IFVCR) aspires to stimulate research and critical engagement with film and visual cultural analysis.

The IFVCR is based in Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, and focuses on research involving critical approaches and theory-driven perspectives on film and visual cultural analysis.

The network will endeavor to connect Cardiff University researchers with other individuals and institutions interested in interdisciplinary approaches to the understanding of film and visual culture.

The IFVCR seeks to provide a platform for the development and dissemination of research involving emergent and alternative approaches to film and visual culture. Members and participants are not limited to Cardiff University, and the IFVCR is interested in collaborations with individuals and institutions in qualitative film and visual analysis.

Our aim is to organise events and create opportunities that build on the research of both prominent and emerging researchers from the international academic community. Activities include workshops, conferences, symposia, and publications in order to connect researchers and disseminate new approaches and understandings in film and visual research.